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Grain-Free granola

Original Mix

Grain-Free Original Mix Granola

This is the combination that started it all - the original Grain-Free Paleo Granola. We slow-roast our core blend of nuts and seeds to perfection in coconut oil with cinnamon, sea salt and just a touch of pure maple syrup. We top it off with plump Thompson raisins and coconut flakes to create our savory Original Mix. Notice what we left out? Gluten, grain, dairy, and refined sugars - leaving only healthy, delicious, Paleo granola for your breakfast, snack, or on-the-go treat.

Vanilla Berry

Grain-Free Vanilla Berry Granola

Crunchy, sweet and flavorful, our Grain-Free Paleo Vanilla Berry Granola brings double helpings of pure vanilla to our signature mix of crunchy nuts and seeds. After we slow-roast each batch to perfection, we add a tempting combination of freeze dried raspberries and strawberries for an extra level of flavor. Flavor plus all the health benefits minus common allergens like gluten, dairy, soy, and grains? That adds up to the breakfast of champions.

Cocoa Sea Salt

Grain-Free Cocoa Sea Salt Granola

Our Grain-Free, Paleo Cocoa Sea Salt Granola takes the rich flavors of pure cocoa powder and sea salt and roasts them directly into our core blend of protein-packed, savory nuts and seeds. When our chefs couldn’t decide between flaky coconut and sweet berries to complete your healthy breakfast, we did the sensible thing and added both! Chocolate has never been so healthy, nutritious, or (in our opinion) delicious.

Honey Pecan

Grain-Free Honey Pecan Granola

When we came up with our Grain-Free Paleo Honey Pecan Granola, we wanted to make every bite taste like fresh pecan pie. With our mixture of crunchy pecans and other nuts and seeds sweetened with natural honey, pure maple syrup and just a touch of cinnamon, we can’t blame you for going back for a second “slice” of the healthiest Paleo pie around.

Lemon Berry Chia

Grain-Free Lemon Berry Chia Granola

Our Grain-Free Paleo Lemon Berry Chia Granola is a citrus- lover’s dream. We use lemon oil drawn from lemon skins to add the perfect amount of zest, then mix in savory cranberries sweetened with apple juice. Add some chia seeds for a healthy crunch, and you’ve got one exciting cereal bowl. The perfect Paleo pick-me-up for breakfast, breakfast-for-dinner and anytime in between!

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